I work with clients who want to market their businesses effectively, but don’t know where to start.

If your business is brand new (congratulations!) then you’re doing exactly the right thing by seeking advice so that all of your marketing efforts, time and money are invested in the correct places right from the start.

Perhaps your business has been plodding along but you know it could do better. You’re don’t have time to waste and you’re not afraid of hard work, you just need to be confident that you’re doing the right things that will bring the results you crave.

You’re not sure whether facebook, instagram or LinkedIn are right for your audience … and what about Pinterest, TikTok or email marketing? And you know there must be offline options too, but are they likely to be effective?

Marketing can be overwhelming and it’s easy to be tempted to jump on the latest trend. You suspect that marketing is the missing piece of the jigsaw (it almost always is), but need to know with certainty which channels and methods are right for your business.

This is where I step in.

I’ve been developing strategies to grow businesses for over twenty years. I’ve built my own six-figure business from scratch too.

I love the aha moments when my clients suddenly realise that marketing can be fun AND effective. And seeing the delight on their faces as they report back their results, well, that’s nothing short of magical!