How to create compelling stories that will help you grow your business

Storytelling, it’s been quite the buzzword in marketing for a while now, with some calling it the future of content marketing. So I want to explain what it’s all about and why it’s worth developing your own storytelling skills and using them to help grow your business.

Firstly, let’s consider a definition of what storytelling is. It’s the conveying of past events, or predicting of future events, in a way that’s relevant and interesting to the desired audience in order to engage and entertain. Storytelling is an ancient art, spanning cultures and relevant and appealing to all ages, sexes and social demographics. Storytelling is powerful, with the potential to alter moods, intentions and actions. All of which makes it a technique worth considering as part of your marketing arsenal.

Think of the biggest brands out there, from Mulberry and Range Rover to Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, all rely heavily on storytelling (remember those Christmas ads?) to demonstrate the value and enjoyment they can bring to the lives of their target audience. And don’t forget Nike and their incredible stories, crafted around icons of sport (with very little branding required in order to get their underlying message across).

The message here is undeniably clear, if you want to build a brand, that will sustain it’s market share and remain a viable business for the long term, you need to share that brand’s story. If you are your brand (like I am), then it’s important to craft your personal story and then relate that to your business and develop a compelling business story too. It’s about understanding and sharing why you’re in business, what has shaped your choice to start this particular business, why you serve the specific clients you do and what has led you to develop the unique services you offer. Understanding these things and crafting a story around them will enable you to create the building blocks for a powerful brand and a business with an exciting future.

Storytelling connects, resonates … and sells.

If you need help with crafting your story, we cover this, along with all of the other building blocks that will enable you to create better marketing that generates bigger results, during my Six Week Marketing Intensive.