• Where do I start? Niki has been one of the most supportive people of my business since starting in September 2018. In that short time, I have achieved so much success through her wisdom and guidance via her networking events, membership group and my one-to-one meetings. I trust Niki as she has “been there and done that” through her experience as a marketing professional and running two successful businesses. Niki helps you answer your business questions and steers you in the right direction. I can’t imagine how much time, effort and money I have saved rather than going down rabbit holes. I can’t speak more highly of Niki. I'm super excited to continue to work with her as my business grows.

    Renee Turner Founder, Renee Turner Interiors
  • Working with Niki absolutely transformed my belief system. She helped me bring an idea to market and now I’m super busy! She really has unique ideas and suggestions and is also a major confidence booster. I highly recommend Niki not only for her skills but also for someone who is relatable and friendly. Money well spent.

    Ashley Glen Founder, The Explore More Mum
  • I signed up to Niki's Six Week Marketing Intensive course and it's the best thing I've ever done for my business. I am so much more confident. I had no knowledge of how to market a business and now I know exactly where I should be spending my time and energy. I feel like I can make the decisions I need to in order to keep my business going now that the course has finished. When I met Niki I had 3 or 4 clients a week and now I'm fully booked.

    Nicola Paton Founder, Nicola Paton Massage Therapist
  • When I had my first call with Niki we got straight into things because Niki had already done some research and came armed with ideas! This is no ordinary coach who just asks you the questions back - she’s got the knowledge and experience to get right to the options. She asked good questions to further develop my thinking and I now have a clear goal plus some immediate actions and long term actions, along with the contacts to make these actions come to life. I am delighted to have achieved some of the actions within 3 days of our initial call. Action is key to getting a business to the next stage and I feel ready and excited about growing my business. I am so thankful to Niki.

    Kim Duncan Co-Owner, Treehouse Childrenswear
  • Niki is so qualified for the job she's doing. She asks questions and comes up with the most incredible ideas that I would never come up with myself. Working with Niki is especially good if you feel imposter syndrome which I sometimes do, she really gives you confidence. She has tried & tested experience of growing her own businesses and is so lovely to work with too. I would recommend her 1-1 sessions if you are really looking for guidance and growth within your business big or small, I come away so hyped!

    Vanessa Kanbi Content Creator, Film Maker & Presenter
  • I have been having monthly sessions with Niki and I have made great progress in all the areas I needed to tackle. I am so pleased to be working with Niki and here is why! 1) Her warm but no BS attitude enabling you to progress 2) Her wealth of knowledge and contacts 3) She cares and is passionate about your passions 4) She structures your thoughts when you are in deep creative mode. I could go on and am happy to speak to anyone deciding on whether to work with Niki.

    Felicity Copeland Creator, Mini Languages
  • Niki has helped me tremendously in getting started with my business. I booked in for a Strategy Intensive with Niki and felt like she "got" me straight away and understood where I was coming from with my ideas. She gave me practical information and advice about how to get up and running and helped me develop a plan. Most importantly she gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and my business. Since working with Niki I am now fully booked.

    Marie O'Neill Counsellor, Mindfulness Teacher & Transformational Coach
  • Niki is such a massive wealth of information AND experience. Often meeting business "coaches" it becomes clear they have never known the day to day slogs and challenges of propelling a start-up business. Niki is different. With her insight and systematic approach she can fully connect with you and your business and help you to create strategies that make your business a success.

    Tricia Murray Therapist, Coach, Doula & Founder of Overcome The Overload & The Birth and Baby Academy
  • I should really be writing a nice sensible, articulate review about my experience working with Niki so far - however - I am too excited to be sensible. DO IT! She is amazing. I am in session 3 and already feel more relaxed, enthusiastic, confident and focused on my business aspirations, hopes and long-term plan than I ever thought possible.

    Kirsty Bell Creator of My Happy Journal