Imagine spending a few hours working on your business with my full support and absolutely no distractions. Just think of the incredible focus we can share and everything we will achieve.

Ideal for female founders at any stage of business,
during this 2.5 hour workshop we will:

Clarify your goals - what do you want to achieve, what’s your business vision?

Review and analyse your existing offerings and explore additional opportunities and possibilities.

Review your brand including your brand story, positioning, messaging and personality.

Create & document your marketing plan so that you can refer to this whenever you need to attract more of your clients into your business with ease.

Set business goals based on your personal definition of success, as well as income and profit targets (very important) with agreed timescales. Develop your understanding of the strategies and tactics you need to adopt in order to achieve these.

  • You will leave with a clear and focused plan of how to attract more clients into your business and sustain steady, continuous growth over the next months and years.
  • You will have a clear understanding of your brand and feel passionate, excited and impatient to share it.
  • You will know with absolute clarity what to do and when in order to propel your business forward.
  • I will then check in with you a few weeks after our session to make sure you are on track and can continue making more and more progress well beyond our initial session.
  • Imagine feeling 100% confident about how you’re going to make more money!
  • Picture where you could be if you invested 2.5 solid hours on your business with complete focus and with my full support. Together we will achieve this

Your investment for this strategy intensive (including follow up) is £497.

Next Steps

Are you ready to spend focused time with me so that you can make real progress in your business? Then let’s get started!