The benefits of developing a community around you as you build your business

When I look back on my first three years in business, it was an exciting time, but somewhat of a lonely time, and there was a LOT of wasted time. Time spent taking wrong turnings, investing my time, energy and money in the wrong things and ultimately not growing as effectively as I might have done.

Three years in, and everything began to change. I joined an accelerator programme and I signed up to be part of a membership community. I started investing in myself and began developing communities and support networks around me.

Suddenly I could make big decisions more easily knowing that I had asked questions and received answers from external sources – it’s easy to convince yourself that something’s right, less so your community of advisors. I saved huge amounts of time by avoiding cul-de-sacs and wrong turnings and I grew hugely in confidence.

Now I’m not big into ‘woo’ – if you know me, I’m pretty practical. However I do buy into the idea that it’s important to lead by example. How can we expect people to invest in us, if we don’t invest in ourselves? Quite simply, we can’t.

Since those lonely early days I’ve grown to love the results achieved through investing. I regularly join Mastermind programmes and groups (and upgrade as soon as I feel I’ve outgrown them), I’m currently a member of two monthly memberships and I invest in specialist support to fast-track my progress.

Since starting to invest in my business (and myself) more intentionally, I’ve seen the following changes:

  • My first business has become more profitable
  • I’ve started and grown a successful second business, while still maintaining the energy and time to sustain and develop my first business
  • I’ve grown an audience of over 15,000 people across two social media platforms (join over 800 other female founders inside my free facebook community)
  • I’ve developed new skills and overcome tech blocks that the 2015 ‘me’ would never have thought possible
  • I’ve achieved income goals and attracted the type of clients that I didn’t dare dream of when I launched my first business in 2012

So if you’re interested in generating some of these results, then you can find out more about my half-day Mastermind in Edinburgh (in this beautiful room!) on 31st January 2020. There’s space for just one business from your niche, register your interest today in this event or future dates, if you would like to join me.

Or maybe you’re more interested in regular, monthly support but don’t feel ready to invest in my 1-2-1 services? Join the waiting list for my monthly membership here. I’m currently working hard behind the scenes (along with my team and specialist support – I continue to invest in this!) to upgrade the membership site and doors will be opening very soon.

Whichever option you choose, know that by making this commitment to developing a community around you and investing in expert support as you continue to try to grow your business, you WILL start to see bigger results, fast.