The importance of focus

I’ll admit it; I’ve been struggling recently.

The overwhelming busy-ness of running two businesses, working 20 hours per week for a corporate marketing client, providing emotional support for two children (and ferrying them to two different schools) and working opposing times of the day/ week to my husband due to his business, has left me feeling exhausted, infected (a nasty eye infection that finally forced me to stop) and slightly disillusioned.

BUT! As always there are learnings that I’ve taken away and am determined to use to improve things quickly. In fact, I’ve started already.

I’ve been in business for eight years now so I know the signs, I’m clearly doing far too much. I’m known amongst family and friends for squeezing a lot out of every day and for my seemingly boundless energy, but everyone needs down time and that’s something that’s been missing recently. But how to successfully juggle the numerous demands and avoid burnout? For me, the answer is down to focus.

There are several aspects to focus that will make a huge difference to how you feel and what you achieve in business.

  1. Big picture focus – take a step back and get clear on your vision. Why do you do what you do and are you making choices that will ensure you achieve these goals?
  2. Detailed focus – have you kept sight of these goals as you’ve structured your weeks and days? Or are you doing things that are distracting you? Are you prioritising correctly – ensuring that the things you’re doing every day and week are building momentum and making sure that your direction of travel is always towards your big picture goals?
  3. Focus on you – are you looking after yourself, physically and mentally so that you are able to maintain your energy levels for the long road ahead (have you heard that it takes around ten years to be an overnight success?)

This is my plan for the next few weeks and months and I strongly suggest you think about giving it a try too. I’ll be checking in on myself at least once a week to make sure I’m still on track. It may feel boring or self-indulgent to focus on yourself regularly (particularly as I’m sure you’re juggling just as much as I am) but honestly, I promise your business will reap the benefits too.

If you’d like to learn more about how I help my clients get focused and achieve real business growth, book in for a chat with me! I love nothing more than hearing female founders share their business ideas and plans for growth (some might call it nosey, I prefer curious!) and I’m ready to answer your questions too. Book a slot here and let’s catch up.