Who the heck are you talking to?

You know why you’re in business, but when was the last time you checked in on who your customers are and whether your reasons for being in business match up to what they want from you? If it’s been a while, then it’s time to revisit things.

There are three important factors to consider when thinking about your audience:

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they want from you?
  3. How do they want to hear about it?

Firstly, you need to invest time thinking and research your customer base. If you’re new to business, then thinking about who you ideally want to serve and what you know about them. If you’ve been in business for some time, then you will have plenty of information sources you can mine for this information. In either case, if you’re not fully informed, then it’s well worth conducting some research to find out as much as you can.

Secondly, you need to work out what, exactly, your ideal customers want from you. Knowing everything about who they are is pointless, without understanding how your business fits into their life, or indeed whether it does at all. I’m talking products, services, pricing, placement and more.

Finally, once you know who your customers are and what they want from you (and crucially what they don’t want), it’s time to work out how they want to be communicated with. What tone of voice and copywriting is going to resonate with them … and get them to take action?

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